What’s On this Summer

The Summer Holidays have arrived, so here’s a quick guide to what’s on at the Hampshire Heritage Collection Attractions!

What's On summer



Gilbert White & The Oates Collections 

15th-7th Aug- Great Butterfly Hunt 

22nd July- Champagne Evening

26th July-30th August- Craft Tuesdays

27th July- 31st August- Wild Wednesdays

27th July- Herb Gardening

13th-14th August- Gilbert’s Games

21st August- Dog Show

28th August- The Hound of the Baskervilles


Petersfield Museum 

21st June- 13th August- Old Crafts and Industries 

26th-29th July- Have Fun With Clay

2nd-5th Aug- Olympic Activities  

9th –12th August – Water sports themed crafts

16th Aug- 24th September- Secrets of the High Woods 

16th – 19th August Making flags

23rd– 26th August- Painting Petersfield

30th August– 2nd September- Roman crafts



Chawton House Library 

10th & 31st July, 14th & 28th August- Strawberry Picnic 

23rd July- Women and Shakespeare Day Conference 

24th July- Embroidery Workshop 


Jane Austen House Museum

24th July- The Dandy Chargers